Monday, October 25, 2010

Restaurant Magic Business LLC Adds Magical Entertainment to Dine-In Experience

ORLANDO – Restaurant Magic Business LLC now offers in-house magic shows and entertainment to restaurants.

Founded by The Orlando Magic’s internationally renowned magician Kostya Kimlat, Restaurant Magic Business LLC aims to enhance and diversify the dining experience while attracting new customers.

Del Frisco’s owner David Christner has already seen the results of adding entertainment to his venue. “As soon as we started the entertainment, we saw and heard the positive response from our customers,” said Christner. “They loved the extra experience, they leave talking about it and we’ve had numerous private bookings that have specifically asked for the magic.”

Restaurant Magic Business LLC currently serves Tampa, West Palm Beach and Jacksonville and plans to expand nationally in 2011.

For more information on Restaurant Magic Business LLC or Kostya Kimlat, visit or


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Live Magic Sparks Orlando Magic Fans This Season!

ORLANDO, FL (October 14, 2010) - The Orlando Magic are kicking off their 2010 season in a brand new arena, boasting a host of new bars and restaurants —and a special thing that’s been missing from their past basketball seasons— a touch of real live Magic!

Sleight-of-hand experts are performing interactive, up-close magic to delight fans during the pre-game FanFest, then will continue their performances at select locations within the arena throughout the remainder of the game.

Catching one of this year's Orlando Magic home games will make you “believe in magic” once again! Event Magic USA has partnered with the Orlando Magic to bring live entertainment to their fans at all home games.

Fans love watching magic on television, but are still skeptical whether it would look just as amazing live right under their noses. Well just wait! The renewed popularity of TV Magic Shows and Media Magicians has sparked this new fascination with magic —and these fans are excited!

Matthew Keller, the Event Manager for the Orlando Magic is enthusiastic about live magical entertainment being integrated with this year's game-plan. "This year's season is bound to be magical for all of the fans, from the beginning of FanFest through the entire game. And bringing Live Magic— to The Magic is the perfect touch."

Featured magical celebrities include Kostya Kimlat and Michael Eaton. Kimlat, a world-renowned magician and keynote speaker, has at twenty-seven years old performed in over 200 cities on 5 continents. Between tours he presents a magical dinner show in Orlando. Eaton has been performing magic for over fifteen years throughout Kentucky and Florida. An enviable expert in “coin conjuring”, Michael will make you rub your eyes in disbelief. The pair look forward to performing intimate magic in the huge new arena.

For details where you can catch the live magic at every Orlando Magic home game, visit, contact Mr. Kimlat at 877-567-8921 toll-free.


Kostya Kimlat, CEO at 1-877-567-8921