Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Royall Media Wins Several Awards

ORLANDO, FL (October 29, 2008)– Royall Media, an Orlando based advertising and media firm, was honored in October with five W3 awards from the 2008 International Academy of the Visual Arts, or IAVA. Royall Media’s awards included one Gold Award and four Silver Awards in recognition of their outstanding work on various websites and web videos.

The W3 is the first major web competition to be accessible to all agencies regardless of size, allowing small firms to compete with Fortune 500 companies. These awards honored outstanding websites, web marketing and web video created by some of the best interactive agencies, designers and creators worldwide. This year the IAVA received over 3,000 entries from top companies and agencies around the world.

“We are extremely proud of the work we do, and to receive outside recognition from such a prestigious organization is a great honor,” said William Royall, President of Royall Media.

Royall Media received the Gold Award for their work on the Orlando Addy Awards 2008 website, a highly interactive site that was designed to promote the Orlando Addy Awards as well as serve as an online registration venue.

“The Addy site was a lot of fun to work on, because we got to be a little edgier and it allowed us to showcase technologies that we’ve used before, but in a more innovative and exciting way” said Shaun Whalen, Royall Media’s Creative Director.

W3 entries are judged based on a standard of excellence as determined by the IAVA, with a small percentage of all entries receive a prestigious Gold Award. The IAVA is an invitation only body comprised of executives from such highly regarded organizations as Disney, Estee Lauder, HBO, MTV, Yahoo and Victoria’s Secret.

Royall Media is an Orlando based full service advertising and creative marketing firm that is based in downtown Orlando. Since their inception five years ago, they have acquired clients ranging from corporate to privately owned businesses.
For more information please contact William Royall at 407-401-7479

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